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Whether you are looking to install lighting fixtures inside your home or in your backyard, copper is always a popular choice among home owners and builders in Toronto and the GTA. The reasons behind copper's popularity should come as no surprise to us. Copper boasts a handful of qualities that set it apart from other common materials used in around-the-house products. Those unique attributes include durability, beauty, and a natural, burnish look.
The Qualities of Copper: A Closer Look.
Durability: Copper is a very durable metal. This is evident in its presence in century-old monuments and historic landmarks, such as New York's Statue of Liberty. It has been a popular choice throughout time due to the fact that it is of high quality, does not rust or corrode, is readily available, and has a long lifespan.
Beauty: Red, golden, or green. Brand new, or pre-aged. Whatever your preference, copper can give your home or office a special, vintage look and feel. Indeed, timeless beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Natural Look: Unlike other materials commonly used inside the house such as plastics, nylons, and glass, copper is found in nature, not manufactured. And because it is a finite commodity, it typically carries a higher price tag than manufactured materials. However, unlike other materials, copper adds a classic, antique feel to your space, without making it look too aged or old fashioned. Over time, as copper oxidizes with air and moisture, it starts to patina, transforming itself from bright reddish-golden, as it initially arrives in your home, to greenish-blue. In essence, you get furniture that self-redecorates! It doesn't get more natural than that.
Copper is a Natural Choice for Your Home/Office
As you start to think about the types of lighting fixtures that you would like installed in your living or work space, it is worthy to note that as far as natural materials go, chances are they already surround you. From wooden furniture to marble and granite countertops, you've already utilized natural materials to fit and decorate your home. Copper is a natural choice that complements the rest of your furnishings and adds beauty, style, colour, and character to your home.
Should you like to preserve the golden hue of copper rather than let it patina, you can always clear coat it. If on the other hand you enjoy it readily green, you may order it pre-aged from your supplier. Whatever your preference may be, you cannot go wrong with copper-made lighting fixtures.
You're Ready to Intall Copper Lighting. Where Do You Go?
Who better to go to for copper lights than the experts in everything copper? CopperWorks Canada are your number one choice for copper lights in Toronto and the GTA. With a large variety of top quality products to choose from and a highly skilled team of professionals, your home or office will be transformed into a modern, stylish, and beautiful space. Contact CopperWorks Canada today!
If you are interested in getting new copper light fixtures installed in your home or office, please visit us at our main site or call us at 905-831-6434.

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